Have you ever heard of these facts about breasts?

Social network sites play a negative role in a woman’s vision of herself and her body, as she may want to be of a certain body or ideal shape, and one of the things that occupies the minds of many women is the breasts, both in terms of aesthetics and health.

Here in this article are the most important facts that you may not know about your breasts…

Six important facts you may not know about breasts

1.Breasts are two functional glands, not just fat and muscle tissue

Many people, whether men or women, are ignorant of the fact that the breasts are two functional glands and not just fat and muscle. These two glands are completely separate. Each gland has a group of lobes and tubes surrounded by fatty tissue abundant with blood vessels and lymph nodes, but this gland becomes functional when pregnancy occurs and produces a substance Colostrum in the beginning, but after a few days after birth, milk is secreted

2.There are 7 different shapes of normal breasts, but symmetrical shape is not among them

Perhaps the ideal image of the breasts is the symmetrical and taut shape, but it is certainly not the natural shape for them. There are various forms of breasts that vary according to the size, and the shape of the nipple is it protruding outward or not, the breasts are far apart or not, in addition to that they can be tight or flabby.

In the common case, one breast is larger than the other or is different from the other in terms of shape.

3.Breasts can be enlargement naturally without the need for cosmetic surgery:

Good but small results can be achieved by following the natural methods of breast augmentation, but it must be known that these results cannot be the same as the result of surgeries and cannot give significant changes in terms of shape and size.

Natural foods and herbs such as fenugreek, soy milk and fennel seeds can be resorted to, but these substances can cause weight gain if consumed in excess.

4.Aging is not the only cause of sagging breasts:

In general, with age and after pregnancy and childbirth, the breasts lose their taut shape, but sometimes the problem of sagging breasts can appear at an early age due to several practices:

The most important cause of sagging breasts in women is smoking, which leads to sagging breasts in early ages.

Lack of drinking water

Neglecting exercise.

Contrary to the prevailing concept, wearing a bra for long periods and sleeping with a bra does not enhance the texture of the breast, but on the contrary, it contributes to increasing its sagging.

5.Wearing the correct bra size:

Doing sports and exercises that include jumping and running can cause pain and damage to the breast tissue if they are exercised without wearing a bra. Wearing a sports bra is the best option.

Wearing a bra without knowing the appropriate sizes can lead to damage and sagging. To know the correct size, the circumference of the chest area must be measured with the breasts. As for the size of the breast, the circumference of the area under the breasts must be measured, and then the output is subtracted from the chest size with the breasts.

As an example, if the resulting number is 1 cm or less, then the size is A, but if the result is 2 cm, then the size is B, and whenever the result increases by 1 cm, the next letter will be the appropriate size

6.Heredity is not the only cause of breast cancer:

Genetics is not the only cause of breast cancer in women, and although a family member has breast cancer, it is an important warning for women to take full precautions. There are other factors and causes that lead to this disease other than heredity, which are:

  • smoking
  • drinking alcohol
  • Radiation exposure
  • Excessive exposure to estrogen.

The self-examination can help detect any lumps or ossifications in the breast, and these lumps can be of a benign type and not dangerous, and after the woman has passed the age of forty, periodic examinations must be done through a mammogram, as it is the best way to investigate and treat breast cancer in its early stages.