Makki Clinic Hospital was established for hair transplantation, plastic surgery and cosmetic dentistry

 In Turkey, medical staff with the highest internationally accredited medical certificates, provide the best services and results to ensure that patients have a distinctive and unforgettable experience. We answer all medical inquiries daily and free of charge to inform you of all medical details

And help you get the best treatments for your cases and the latest techniques of hair transplantation, plastic surgery and cosmetic dentistry.

Specialized medical staff and long experience in the field of cosmetic dentistry, hair transplantation and plastic surgery, was established by a team of doctors with more than fifteen years of experience, holding certificates and licenses from the Turkish government and the Turkish Ministry of Health, in addition to being well-versed in using the latest international technologies and always keeping up of research and developments in the field of aesthetic medicine.

• Awards and certificates of appreciation from several official external and internal bodies

Makki Clinic Hospital is proud of several certificates it received from the Turkish Ministry of Health and international certificates and always strives to increase the confidence of its customers and provide the best services and desired results.

Why Makki Clinic?

Excellent care

At Makki Clinic Hospital, we provide integrated care for patients, from the moment of arrival at the airport until departure, with conducting several tests and examinations before and after the operation, in addition to maintaining continuous communication between the patient and the doctor after the operation to ensure that satisfactory results are obtained.

Expert medical staff

In Makki Clinic Hospital, we have a professional medical staff consisting of 26 doctors, in addition to the paramedical staff.

Advanced Hospital

We are interested in providing the highest standards of quality and sterilization at Makki Clinic Hospital, in order to maintain the general health of our visitors, and we are constantly striving to equip the hospital with the latest and best medical equipment.

Integrated services

In order to preserve your comfort and facilitate the conditions of your stay in Turkey, we provide you with free integrated services, where there will be a reception and farewell service to and from the airport, and a translation service within the hospital, in addition to luxurious hotel accommodation.

Our services

Medical Consultations:

We have many medical advisors who are able to find answers to all your questions.

Hotel accommodation:

We are keen to have a comfortable stay that satisfies you, by contracting with the best hotels in Istanbul.

All-inclusive transportation:

We take over the task of securing drivers to receive you from the airport to the hotel, and from the hotel to the hospital during your stay in Istanbul.

medical services:

We provide the best medical services in the field of hair transplantation, plastic surgery and cosmetic dentistry in Turkey.