Rhinoplasty in Turkey, without surgery

There are many methods of rhinoplasty, some of which require surgery, and others are done without any surgery and according to simple and appropriate procedures

Can the hair be dyed after hair transplantation?

the hair can be dyed after the operation, but it is necessary to wait for a specific period, as the transplanted follicles need extreme care and it is undesirable to use chemicals on the scalp for not less than one month after the operation

Botox injections in Turkey

otox injections are not only used in the cosmetic field and get rid of wrinkles, but are also used to treat several medical problems such as neck spasm, excessive sweating, lazy eyes

Medical tourism in Turkey

Turkey tops the list of countries around the world in the field of health tourism and is receiving thousands of people from all over the world who want to obtain the medical and treatment services provided by Turkey

Arm lift in Turkey

Many people who suffer from sagging skin resort to tightening certain areas of the body, including the arm lift operation

What are the latest hair transplant techniques in Turkey?

The problem of baldness and hair loss is widespread today, as more than 50% of men over the age of fifty suffer from the problem of baldness, and 30% of the young generation suffer from early baldness and this problem is not limited to men only

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