Body lift procedures… Arm lift in Turkey

Many people who suffer from sagging skin resort to tightening certain areas of the body, including the arm lift operation, which is used to get rid of saggy skin and excess fat in the arm. As we age, this procedure improves the outer shape of the arm, in addition to relieving and preventing infections in the saggy skin area as a result of the accumulation of dirt and sweat in the area.

Persons eligible for arm lift surgery:

  • People who have sagging skin on their arms as a result of being underweight.
  • People who underwent liposuction.
  • People who suffer from excess fat and skin on the arms.

Types of arm lift operations:

There are two main types of arm lift:

Full tightening: This procedure is used in cases of severe sagging, noting that sagging is in the upper and lower arm, and here a longitudinal and transverse wound is made.

Simple tightening: in cases of simple and specific sagging, in addition to the fact that sagging is concentrated in the upper arm only, and only a transverse wound is made.

Arm lift surgery:

Arm lift operation is performed under anesthesia, either local anesthetic or general anesthetic, and there are several ways to perform this operation, which are classified as follows:

Operation in the case of light sagging

Here, the sagging is confined to the upper arm only. In this case, a transverse wound is made in the upper arm, specifically in the armpit area, and then the excess skin is excised, especially in the inner area of ​​the arms.

One of the advantages of this procedure is that the surgical scar is hidden, and it disappears completely after a year, and this method works to tighten the arms by 50% to 70% only.

Operation in the case of medium sagging

One of the advantages of this method is that about 70% to 90% of the loose and excess skin is removed, and a wound is made here that extends from the armpit to the elbow from the inner side, but this scar does not go away and this scar remains visible and cannot be hidden.

Operation in case of severe sagging

Two incisions are made, a transverse wound in the upper arm, in addition to a longitudinal wound from the upper arm to the elbow, and then a tube is installed under the skin and works to drain fluids that may collect after the operation, and the process of withdrawing fluids takes a day or two until the amount of fluid decreases The exudate that comes out through the tube, is then pulled out, the wound closed and appropriately hidden inside the arm with cosmetic sutures.

This operation is performed under the influence of general anesthesia and takes one to three hours, and it is necessary to note that the patient needs a period of two or three days to be able to leave the hospital.

Post-operative steps:

The patient must follow the doctor’s instructions after the operation, which stipulate wearing a special corset for about six weeks, refraining from exercising for a minimum of 6 weeks, taking great care not to get water to the wound, and waiting until one day after removing the stitches, in addition to the obligation to refrain from Smoking for two weeks after the operation.

In general, the patient needs a recovery period of no less than ten days to be able to return to the routine of daily life, emphasizing the necessity of caring for the wound daily by the doctor, and returning to the specialist doctor when feeling increased pain or noticing redness or tearing or pus emerging from the wound, In this case, the doctor can prescribe the appropriate analgesic treatment.

Contraindications to arm lift surgery

If the patient suffers from obesity, in addition to patients with diabetes and heart patients, they are more likely to be exposed to complications of the operation.

Non-surgical methods of arm lift:

  • Arm sagging treatment with golden threads: a very safe and painless technique, and results can be seen immediately.
  • Laser arm lift: It is used in cases of moderate and simple sagging, and its advantages are that it does not leave any side effects on the skin and gives ideal results.
  • Vaser: Ultrasonic cavitation waves are used, which work to break up the fat and thus safely obtain a tighter arm. The duration of the session is 50 minutes and requires 5 to 12 sessions until the results are complete.