What is the autologous fat injection process?

Autologous fat injection is a very easy and simple cosmetic procedure, through which the doctor redistributes the fat in the body in a consistent manner. It relies on liposuction of the accumulated fat in certain areas of the body, using the Vaser technique for liposuction, and then re-injecting it in other areas of the body to give it a slender body, using very fine needles to inject the extracted fat into the targeted areas of the body.

Autologous fat injection treats many problems, including extreme thinness in some areas of the body, as well as sagging and wrinkles. It is used to beautify different areas of the body, such as the area under the eyes, the face, especially the cheeks area. It is also used to enlarge the breast, buttocks, and beautify other areas. The process of autologous fat injection takes 45 to 90 minutes.