Beard and mustache hair transplantation in Turkey

It has become possible to solve the problem of the lack of a beard in young men using hair transplantation technology, which is the perfect and final solution to the problem of hair loss and baldness in men, and one of the main causes of this problem is accidents and burns, in addition to nutritional deficiency, exhaustion and genetic factors, and this procedure is resorted to. It is to cover the distortions and defects in the face, if any, in addition to the desire for an aesthetic image.

There are many centers and hospitals in Turkey that perform this process with the best and latest technologies with the presence of many famous hair transplant doctors, in addition to the low costs of hair transplantation in them, all of this made Turkey one of the most famous countries in this field.

And if you want to do this procedure, it is recommended to visit our center, which guarantees the success of the operation and ensures that there are no consequences or side effects, where beard transplants are carried out from the effects of distorting the appearance of the face and provide you with the required results accurately and completely professionally.

How is the process of beard and mustache transplantation and what is the best technique to perform it?

One of the following technologies is used:

The first technique: The operation is performed under local anesthesia and uses the FUE technique, where hair follicles are collected from certain areas of the body and then transplanted to the target area using this technique.

The operation can take only several hours and you can leave the hospital or center on the same day of the operation. 

Usually, the follicles donor area for beard and mustache hair transplantation is the sideburns and the temples area in the head.

The second technique: Choi pens technology for hair transplantation, which is the best for the process of beard and mustache hair transplantation and the most common in Turkey. It is characterized by speed, accuracy, good results and safety for the patient. It is advanced tools with a very fine needle that is hollow, and it is worth mentioning that the tool performs two stages of extracting the follicles from the donor area , and planted in the target area at the same time

Who are the people who are eligible to perform a beard and mustache hair transplant in Turkey?

Those who wish to increase the density of the beard or mustache or fill in the blanks in it

People over the age of 25 and their beard has reached the growth point

Those whose healthy condition allows them to do so and who have strong donor areas to extract the follicles and plant them in the desired areas of the beard and mustache

Things to consider after undergoing a beard and mustache hair transplant in Turkey

Avoid touching the area where the transplanted follicles are for one to two days after the hair transplant operation, taking into account dealing with it carefully in the first period.

Stop taking aspirin and alcoholic beverages for three days after the operation

It is necessary to go to the center the day after the operation to remove the bandages

Bleeding in the donor area is normal but rather rare, and if it occurs, a thin layer of gauze is placed and pressure on it for 10 minutes.

Not to take painkillers other than those prescribed by the doctor. As for pain-relieving medicines, a pill is taken every four or six hours, when needed.

Avoid direct exposure to sunlight so that the wound does not swell

Refrain from strenuous exercise for a week after the operation.