Breast augmentation… Breast reduction in Turkey

Breast augmentation surgery includes two types of procedures, breast augmentation or reduction, and it can also be done in men. The process of breast reduction is called mammoplasty and depends on removing excess fat, tissue and skin from the breast until it reaches the appropriate size for the person’s desire and in proportion to the body shape.

 When undergoing any surgical procedure, including breast reduction, the medical center must be chosen very carefully. The center must have a good reputation, and staffed by a distinguished and professional medical staff to ensure that the surgery is performed safely and free from risks and side effects.

How is breast reduction surgery in Turkey done?

We will talk about the most common methods in the field of aesthetic medicine in Turkey:

Surgical breast reduction:

At first, the patient is examined, and accordingly, the appropriate procedure for the reduction surgery is selected. In the event that a surgical procedure is selected, the patient is given general anesthesia and the doctor makes an incision under the breast, after which the fat, excess tissue and sagging skin are removed, 

and in some case the patient may need a section of the mammary glands to be removed to reach the appropriate size, finally the skin is tightened in the operation area and the wound is closed 

The nipple is then repositioned to match the shape and size of the new breast and finally a bandage is placed over the wound.

Breast reduction with liposuction:

This method is suitable for women with medium or slightly large breasts. There is no need here to make a large surgical incision, and it does not leave any scars or traces in the operation area.

This operation is done under the influence of local anesthesia, and then small circular holes are created in the chest area, and the purpose of it is to insert the tube of the liposuction device and get rid of the excess fat through it. At the end of the procedure, these openings are closed and then bandages are placed on the chest and the breasts are supported by a medical corset 

What are the expected results of breast reduction surgery in Turkey:

Breast reduction surgery in Turkey gives permanent results, and in the normal situation it takes several months to complete the results completely, in addition to the recovery and disappearance of scars.

In the event that the breast size is exaggerated, so that it causes chronic back pain and constitutes an obstacle for the woman to practice her normal activities, she must undergo such a process that gives physical and psychological comfort in terms of increasing self-confidence and freedom in choosing clothes.

It is possible to resort to this procedure in cases of sagging large breasts, thus obtaining a beautiful and more youthful appearance.

It is possible to postpone undergoing breast reduction surgery in some specific cases and circumstances in order to ensure the patient’s health and the results of the operation, which are:

  • Pregnancy and childbirth: Any woman who is thinking of having a baby must undergo a breast reduction procedure after the period of childbirth and breastfeeding, because breastfeeding causes a change in the size of the breast, which affects the result of the operation, and it is very difficult and painful to breastfeed after the reduction process.
  • Weight loss: When following a healthy diet with the aim of losing weight, it is better to wait for the operation until the desired weight is reached, due to the possibility of a decrease in breast size with a decrease in weight, and weight loss may lead to sagging breasts and changing their shape.
  • Appropriate age: It is necessary to wait until the breasts are fully grown before undergoing the breast reduction surgery so as not to resort to a second surgery at a later time.