Buttock augmentation, buttock augmentation in Turkey

Buttocks plastic surgery is performed for women or men with the aim of obtaining the perfect body, as well as solving many problems of imbalance between the muscles of the body, and this procedure is used for several purposes:

In some cases, a buttock augmentation operation is performed to increase the size of the buttocks and give them a taut appearance, and the basic condition for this operation is that the skin has a degree of flexibility that allows it to regain its shape after the operation.

 And when the skin is flabby, the optimal procedure here is the thigh lift operation. This procedure can be done in several ways: The first method is to tighten the buttocks from the inside, when the first third of the trap is in a state of sagging, the second method is to stretch the buttocks longitudinally, and here the thigh must be in a condition Sagging to the knee, and the last method is the expanded tummy tuck, in which the buttocks are tightened, in addition to the abdomen and thighs.

Buttocks slimming can be done by itself.

In other cases, fat is removed from the thighs, and in this case, some fat accumulations are removed from the thighs, the skin is tightened, and the excess parts are removed from the buttocks area.

Buttocks plastic surgery in Turkey

There are many buttocks plastic surgeries in Turkey, but the most famous and most common types will be limited to:


This process is based on the technique of transferring fat from one area of ​​the body to another, and aims to enlarge the buttocks and give them a tight, harmonious and more aesthetic appearance.

Fat injection:

This process is parallel to the Brazilian method, where fat is suctioned from unwanted areas and then injected into several places to give the body a harmonious shape, and the focus is placed on the butt injection on both sides in order to reach the hourglass shape of the body, which is the most beautiful and feminine shape.

Buttocks implants:

This method is most suitable in the absence of a sufficient amount of fat in the body. It is similar to breast augmentation, but it is more difficult, as special implants are placed under the buttock muscles.

Why do women resort to buttocks plastic surgery in Turkey?

The cosmetic goal is the first reason that pushes women to undergo such operations, but there are other important reasons that make undergoing these operations a necessity, which are

  • After pregnancy and childbirth, cracks and cellulite in the buttocks can increase.
  • Significant sagging of the skin in the buttocks area caused by an excess weight loss in a short period, which gives an unpleasant shape to the area.
  • The asymmetry in the body shape and the small size of the buttocks and buttocks area, which keeps away from the woman’s dream of a more feminine and aesthetic body
  • Aging, which results in sagging skin in the buttocks and buttocks