Can the hair be dyed after hair transplantation? And what is the right time for that?

Turkey has gained wide fame in the field of medical tourism, as it receives many people coming either for treatment or beauty, and Turkey is famous at present for the impressive successes of hair transplant operations in addition to the low costs compared to other countries, and performing hair transplant operations in Turkey is not limited to men. Only, but women resort to it to get rid of severe hair loss or the problem of alopecia, and here the following question is asked: Is it possible to dye hair after hair transplantation, and if possible, how long to wait, and we will answer these and other questions in the following article:

Can hair dye be done after a hair transplant?

Yes, the hair can be dyed after the operation, but it is necessary to wait for a specific period, as the transplanted follicles need extreme care and it is undesirable to use chemicals on the scalp for not less than one month after the operation, after which it is possible to return to the usual hair care routine.

It should be noted that hair dyes contain chemicals such as peroxide and others that can harm the newly transplanted follicles, as these follicles are sensitive to any substance and chemical change, and you should stay away from hairspray and tighten the hair roots when doing any hairstyle.

It is preferable if it is necessary to dye the hair before the hair transplantation process and to obtain the appearance that the woman wants, and at the same time, we ensure that the transplanted follicles are not exposed to any damage. The hair is dyed several days before the transplantation, due to the possibility of coloring the scalp with the dye, and thus the difficulty of opening channels for transplanting the follicles during the hair transplantation process.

How long should one wait after the transplant to do hair dye?

To obtain the desired results, it is necessary to adhere to the instructions of the specialist and to provide great care to the follicles that were implanted and not to touch them or touch the area in which the operation was performed during the first week until the wound heals and to ensure that no side effects occur that may hinder the process of digging the transplanted hair growth.

As for the issue of hair dyeing, it is necessary to wait for a period of at least one month from the date of hair transplantation to ensure the stability of the transplanted follicles and the complete recovery of the transplanted area, and in the end, this period may vary from one person to another as it can extend in some cases to six weeks, and Doing the first dye after hair transplantation by a specialized hairdresser due to his experience in the chemicals of dye and its products, thus avoiding any mistake that could occur during dyeing.