Choi pens for hair transplantation

Hair transplantation with Choi pens relies on a special pen-like tool at the end of which is a hollow needle with a diameter of less than 1 mm. The doctor uses it to harvest the follicles from the donor area one by one, and then implant them directly in the areas of hair loss, without the need to open channels in the target areas to receive them, what Significantly reduces the possibility of follicle damage, saves time, and limits wounds and pain that may occur as a result of the incision of the channels and then the implantation of the follicles in them, to be only one stage, which is done quickly under the influence of anesthetic.

Also, this method does not need to cut the hair before the operation, which makes it the most suitable for cases of increased hair density,

And also for women who often hesitate about hair transplants because of the topic of haircuts

How is hair transplantation done using the Choi pen?

The process of hair transplantation is carried out using the Choi pens technique under the influence of local anesthetic, which may be in the form of needles or ointment, and the process takes from one hour to three hours continuously, depending on the condition of the person and the area of ​​the target area,

The patient can leave the center immediately after the hair transplant is finished .

Hair transplantation using the Choi pens technology relies on that advanced machine called the Choi pen in the stages of harvesting and transplanting the follicles, where the surgeon uses that pen with a hollow needle at its end, which allows him to harvest the follicle with accuracy and high speed, without resorting to traditional surgical tools, and mostly uses six Choi pens are used simultaneously during the hair transplantation process, and this helps to reduce the time needed to perform it, which reduces the chance of the anesthesia going away during the surgery, and the need for anesthesia again, and also helps to maintain the scalp health and vitality that they need to pass the recovery phase. successfully in the shortest possible time.

The most suitable cases for hair transplantation using Choi pens

All cases of hair loss are suitable for hair transplantation using Choi pens, where the technology is considered the most advanced and luxurious for the patient, but what about the cases for which hair transplantation is Choi pens for which a lifeline, such as women, for example, who are impossible to shave their hair, Or those who do not suffer from baldness at all, but only want to increase the density of hair, and waiting for the hair to grow satisfactorily after the operation is a disturbing obsession for them? Here the need to use a Choi pen for hair transplantation is urgent and non-negotiable.

The difference between Choi pens and other techniques

There are many techniques that doctors use in hair transplant operations; Some of them are somewhat old in terms of the idea, although there have been some updates, such as the technique of picking the slice for hair transplantation, which is known as the slice technique, where this method of hair transplantation depends on cutting a thin slice of the donor area and sorting its follicles, then Digging receiver channels in the affected areas, and implanting the transplanted hairs, which often result in permanent scars in the donor areas of the scalp,

As for the Choi pen technique for hair transplantation, it does not result in any scars or marks after the operation.

And some of them are somewhat modern, such as the FUE technique for hair transplantation, which is known by many as the technique of micro picking, and despite the progress of this technique and the proximity of its idea to the idea of ​​​​the Choi pens technique, it is carried out in several stages,

What takes longer for hair transplantation,

In the process of hair transplantation using Choi pens, the follicle is implanted as soon as it is harvested, which gives it strength, cohesion and the ability to recover faster.