Cold laser hair loss treatment… Will it become an alternative to hair transplantation in Turkey??

There are many techniques for treating baldness and hair loss in Turkey, whether they are surgical operations or drug treatments. This huge variety of options available can confuse people who want to solve their hair loss problem.

It is important to note that most of the techniques available for hair restoration are not a final solution except for hair transplantation.

How to treat baldness with cold laser technology:

Cold laser technology is used in various medical fields, especially cosmetics, such as skin cleaning, body sculpting, and others.

The treatment of baldness with this technique is based on the use of light or short waves that target the hair follicles located in the resting phase of the hair life cycle and work to stimulate them to reactivate the growth processes in them, as these waves stimulate blood circulation and stimulate metabolism in the cell in addition to increasing The percentage of oxygen in it.

These laser waves work on affecting the hair follicle cells and stimulating the hair growth enzymes within them, in addition to eliminating the enzymes opposite to the action of the androgenic hormones DHT, which are the hormones that cause hair loss.

What is a cold laser?

It is a safe, non-surgical cosmetic procedure, and it can be performed at home according to specific instructions or in specialized beauty centers, and depends on releasing attenuated waves that cold lasers rely on to stimulate hair follicles and stimulate hair growth again.

The laser was used in the field of baldness treatment earlier, but it was discontinued for a set of problems and side effects that emerged as a result of its use as it relied on high waves, but at present, the cold laser technology has appeared and it is completely safe and approved by the World Food and Drug Organization, it depends At reduced wavelengths 630 to 670 nanometers.

Cold laser technology:

These tools are approved by the Food and Drug Organization and are completely safe and there is no danger in their use, but in a thoughtful manner and with the instructions of a specialist doctor. These tools are easy to use and a person can use them himself without going to a cosmetic center or a medical clinic, and these tools include:

Headband: It can be used anywhere, and it is the latest cold laser equipment.

Helmet or hat: used in beauty centers.

Hair brush or comb: It can be used at home personally, and it is a small and easy-to-use tool.

These devices emit short waves that activate hair growth again, and the treatment is carried out according to weekly sessions the treatment period lasts from one to two years to obtain good results, and the results begin to appear after 12 weeks and can be delayed up to 36 weeks from the start of treatment. The treatment can also make the forehead line slightly recede.

Is the treatment of baldness with a laser brace technique an alternative to hair transplants?

Cold laser technology is one of the methods of hair intensification and is not a substitute for hair transplantation in cases of advanced baldness. Cold laser treatment gives good results in cases that suffer from a lack of hair density, meaning that the hair follicles are in a state of rest, and therefore the laser works to stimulate them to re-grow hair, But in cases that suffer from severe androgenetic alopecia, they cannot be treated with cold laser and hair transplants must be resorted to.

Cases that benefit more from cold laser

The results of the treatment will be different from one person to another and this is due to several factors, including the nature of the body and the structure of the skin, age, and gender, and in general, the cases that benefit most can be summarized according to the following:

Low hair density or light hair.

Some cases of alopecia.

Advance the front line if its retreat is simple and not in advanced cases.

It is worth noting that when undergoing cold laser treatment to solve the problem of baldness or hair loss, you should not take Minoxidil or Finasteride at the same time because it reduces the efficiency of treatment.