Cosmetic dentistry consists of two different sections

Section one

It is cosmetic dentistry using German zirconium crowns, which are distinguished by their durability and bright colors

The natural teeth are sculpted so that we can give a new shape to the teeth that will be installed for the patient after treating his natural teeth from decay.

Second section

It is the beautification of the teeth through Emax veneers, but this way can be used with a certain category of patients who do not have big problems with their natural teeth and only want to whiten their teeth, in this case, the surface of the teeth is carved simple so that we can stick the veneers lenses on the natural teeth


We resort to installing crowns after missing one or more teeth, with healthy teeth next to the missing tooth

The importance of dental implants in Turkey

Dental implants in Turkey are one of the most common medical procedures in all clinics in Turkey, not only in Istanbul

This is intending to restore the vital function of the teeth and

the importance of dental implants in Turkey comes from:

Enabling people to speak better and chew normally.

It helps to digest food properly.

Add a beautiful shape to the mouth and the entire face.

It also helps to restore the patient’s self-confidence to return to his normal life again.

It preserves the bones in place of the missing teeth and prevents them from atrophying later.

Dental implants make it possible to obtain stable and strong teeth like the original natural teeth.

Preserve the original teeth from cavities.

It does not cause any erosion to the jawbones and does not move while chewing food or talking with others.

Dental treatment steps

A treatment plan is drawn up after communicating with the patient’s medical advisor. It extends from one to three days. After presenting the patient’s condition to the specialized doctor, the patient will be contacted and given the appropriate diagnosis for his condition at the best price. After that, the patient is brought from the airport, and an appointment is set for them at the medical center to be examined.

Clinically, x-rays of the jaws are taken to ensure the health of the existing teeth

The process of dental implants in Turkey begins with the latest technologies such as treating damaged teeth and treating their nerve canal so that it does not cause any pain later

The appropriate measurements are taken to manufacture the required teeth and bridges in special laboratories so that the teeth are made with the latest technologies and supplies

After that, the teeth are temporarily installed to be seen by the patient and take their approval on the shape and color of the teeth after ensuring their health by the specialist doctors in our center

And after a review session is placed for the patient to be sure of the teeth and their color fit with the mouth and face before traveling

It is one of the steps through which the dental implant process takes place

Preparing the appropriate place and environment for dental implants

Where the jaw is anesthetized locally to make simple incisions in the gums to reveal the jawbone to place the titanium implants in the appropriate sizes for the jawbone in the place of the missing teeth

After that, a healing cap is placed to cover the titanium implants and hide them from the surface of the jaw

For the implants to fuse in the jawbone within the framework of the so-called osseointegration, where the oral tissues and jawbones are compatible with the titanium implants, this process takes 3 months to 6 months to integrate properly

The final dental implants are also made after the time specified by the specialist doctor, where the titanium implants are perfectly fused to the jawbone and ready to receive the implants