The different methods of facelift in Turkey

Patients with skin damaged by excessive exposure to sunlight resort to face-lift operations

Facelift operations include beautifying other areas around the face, such as the neck and eyelids, to give the person a fresher skin and make him look younger.

Surgical face lift

Facelift surgery in Turkey is performed through an incision that starts from the hairline and ends at the hair behind the ear. The skin is pulled back and up and excess tissue is removed, then the wound is closed with sutures and medical metal sutures.

These procedures are repeated in each area individually according to the amount of excess skin and the degree of tightening to be reached

The facelift surgery usually takes three to four hours, and after completion, the face is covered with an elastic bandage while leaving a place for the drain tube to filter the remnants of blood and fluids.

After the operation, it is advised to avoid taking some medications, smoking or sitting next to a smoker to avoid delaying the recovery period, in addition to avoiding exposure to the sun, in order to obtain the best results safely and without pain.

Facelift with thread technique

Facelift surgery in Turkey in this way is one of the most common techniques

It is distinguished from the face-lift surgical procedures that it is faster, less expensive and has a higher level of safety

The sagging and wrinkles in the jaws, cheeks and neck are lifted using special threads that are inserted under the skin

In some cases, a surgical facelift may be required with threading technique to obtain better results

Laser face lift

The laser face-lift is performed over several sessions to reach good results, and beauty centers in Turkey are famous for using this technique for face-lift operations, and the laser is used to tighten sagging and get rid of wrinkles, scars and skin defects in general.

The process is carried out by focusing a laser beam on the skin, which leads to stimulating collagen to fill wrinkles and voids in the skin, which gives the face a more youthful and fresh appearance.

Facelift with Botox

Botox injections are performed to tighten the face in Turkey by applying it in several areas of the face, such as the fringe area between the eyebrows, the forehead, around the nose, below the chin and the neck.

This is done by using fine medical needles to inject Botox in the places to be tightened in the face, which have been previously determined by the plastic surgeon based on a plan made by the face.

This method is characterized by its ease and speed of results, and its costs are lower compared to face-lift techniques.

But it does not last more than a year, so the injection procedure must be repeated every period as determined by the doctor.