Hair transplantation is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that we perform in Istanbul, Turkey, which depends on the latest technologies, DHI and FUE, in the field of hair transplantation. Follow up after the operation

Hair transplant process

Hair Transplants is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure, without the need for general anesthesia, local anesthesia for the head only, and hair transplantation is performed

n hairless or light-haired areas, by transferring hair follicles from certain areas on the back of the head and extremities, and planting them in the targeted areas, and this is done through the use of different techniques, the best of which is

FUE technique

This technique is based on transferring hair follicles to each individual follicle and reimplanting them in the targeted areas after making holes corresponding to them in size, and it is described as painless and does not leave any scars

DHI technique

This technique relies on Choi pens, which open channels with a diameter of 1 mm and plant the follicle simultaneously, and this technique does not leave a trace or scar

How to perform a hair transplant

First, the person is examined by the doctor supervising the case, the diagnosis of the situation, the appropriate procedure for the case, the number of sessions needed, and then conducting a blood analysis and examination, determining the transplantation plan, drawing the main lines of the process, designing the hair line, distributing the grafts, determining the donor areas and the target areas, and then shaving Completely hair the head, clean the scalp and anesthetize the head locally, and then start to take the hair follicles from the back of the head, and separate the hair from its follicle completely and plant it in a very small opening, and this hole closes quickly on the hair and becomes part of the scalp, and within hours it reaches the perfusion It is possible to transplant between 4000-6000 follicles in one session, and in the end the head is cleaned, the bloody condition is followed up and the dryness of the head is reduced.

Beard Transplant

A non-surgical procedure in which some hair follicles are transferred from the head or chest area to the beard and mustache area where the hair is light or absent, taking into account that the characteristics of the hair transferred from the head match the characteristics of the hair on the chin in terms of thickness and direction of growth until It does not show any difference between the primary hair and the transplanted hair.
Beard hair transplantation is an easy and simple process that does not take much time, but it is one of the most accurate operations because it is performed in the face area. It is important to take into account the sensitivity of the facial skin and use techniques that ensure that the process will not leave any scars, even simple.

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