Health insurance in Turkey, social security

The Ministry of Health in Turkey is responsible for regulating health care, and for this purpose, plans, laws and regulations are drawn up with the various departments in Turkey. The Ministry of Health is keen to secure health care service for all members of society, regardless of gender, language, religion, politics, and economic and social status of the individual.

Health care services for foreigners in Turkey:

Foreign tourists:

They are foreigners who are not covered by any insurance system, but who can obtain health care for free in emergency cases, based on the circular issued by the Prime Minister, which provides for the provision of health services in emergency cases to all those in need without any discrimination by private health care institutions or the public.

Foreigners working in Turkey under employment contracts:

Law No. 5110 was issued on May 31, 2006, which regulates the Social Insurance Law, which includes insurance branches, both short and long-term.

Article 4 of this law stipulates that the provisions relating to individuals obtaining insurance shall apply to foreigners who work in employment contracts, except for foreigners from countries where the international social security contract is based on the principle of reciprocity.

It should be noted that foreigners who work in Turkey for short-term periods on their own and are still subject to their social security legislation or work on behalf of non-resident institutions, are not considered insurance holders in Turkey.

As for foreigners who work on service contracts, they are considered owners of insurance, and the premiums of social security and health care are paid by the companies employing them, and it is  normal that these foreigners are eligible to benefit from all health care services.

Citizens of a foreign country with an international social security contract working in Turkey:

Bilateral international social security contracts have been signed with many countries, thus implementing reciprocity between workers in both countries. To social security and its continuity within the mother country, and herein lies the principle of reciprocity.

As for the countries that have bilateral contact with Turkey, they are:

Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, France, Sweden, Romania, England, Georgia and Albania, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Libya.

Foreigners with a residence permit (global health insurance):

It is the insurance that maintains the state of health care for individuals and finances the costs arising when individuals are exposed to health risks, which is called comprehensive health insurance.

Article 60 of the Social and Comprehensive Health Insurance Law is allocated to individuals benefiting from comprehensive health insurance. This article stipulates that the principle of reciprocity is observed, and therefore foreigners who have a residence permit in Turkey and who are not beneficiaries of insurance under the law of a foreign country are able to obtain comprehensive health insurance.

In the event that the period of stay in Turkey exceeds more than a year, he can apply for comprehensive health insurance in Turkey and thus pay the insurance premiums.

Insurance plans in Turkey:

The Turkish state provides its citizens and foreigners with access to medicine within private hospitals and clinics that insurance companies deal with.

There are many private hospitals, clinics, and Turkish and international companies that offer insurance plans and provide health care in Turkey.

It is worth mentioning in the end that this article seeks to give a general idea of the subject of health insurance and not a legal opinion to be taken, so it is worth seeking legal advice when necessary.