Hollywood smile, cosmetic dentistry in Turkey

A Hollywood smile gives you the perfect smile with a harmonious appearance of the teeth and beautiful color. It is a cosmetic procedure that gives a person self-confidence and makes them more willing to smile and laugh in the company of those they love.

What is a Hollywood smile?

At the outset, it is necessary to provide a detailed explanation of this cosmetic procedure, which helps in obtaining a more aesthetic appearance. They are thin crusts made of porcelain and are installed on the outer face of the teeth, and these crusts are called veneers made of porcelain with white color so that it gives a very similar appearance For the natural tooth color, this procedure is a permanent dental treatment.

The materials that can be made of veneers are different. There are porcelain, zircon and also lumineer, which is one of the best materials for making porcelain veneers or dental lenses, due to the low thickness of the material and its great hardness.

How to get a Hollywood smile:

This cosmetic procedure requires several sessions to complete a Hollywood smile. At first, the teeth are reduced to a suitable size for the installation of ceramic veneers and then installed, and some clients may need extra care before placing the veneers and this is related to the condition of the teeth, and is there any kind of fracture or decay

 This is something that needs to be treated before starting the Hollywood smile procedures, so the teeth are in good condition before the veneers are installed.

Procedures following the installation of a Hollywood smile:

Although the materials from which the Hollywood smile is made are resistant to stains and yellowing, but it is necessary to continue cleaning the teeth using the brush, dental floss and mouthwash, and to reduce the consumption of coffee and tea so that the color of the material does not change with age, usually a Hollywood smile can remain for a period ranging from five to ten years.

What is the cost of a Hollywood smile in Turkey:

If you want a Hollywood smile in Turkey, and in order to guarantee yourself a perfect and more natural smile, you must search for a high-end center characterized by high-quality services and a dentist specialized in the cosmetic field to perform this operation.

In general, plastic surgery in Turkey has reasonable costs, and its cosmetic medicine enjoys development and modernity. Hospitals are equipped with the latest machines and technologies, which makes them one of the best places to perform any cosmetic work compared to other countries. The cost of a Hollywood smile in Turkey is determined by several factors, namely:

The type of smile you will get:

The cost of a Hollywood smile varies, depending on the type required, fixed or movable. It also varies according to the thickness of the dental lenses to be installed. For the movable type, the thickness of the lens is 2 mm, while the fixed type is 5 mm thick. It is natural that the difference in the materials used can affect the cost

Effort and time required for dental condition:

If you want to install a moving smile, you will need two sessions to complete the procedure, but in the case of a fixed smile, you will need more, especially when resorting to dental treatment before starting the cosmetic procedure, and therefore increasing the number of sessions will inevitably lead to an increase in the cost.

Experience of the specialist doctor and the center where the operation will be performed:

To ensure the success of this cosmetic procedure and to prevent future complications, it is necessary to search for a doctor with great experience in this field, in addition to choosing a center equipped with the latest technologies and with a good reputation. In the end, the experience of the specialist doctor and the high quality of services in the center will inevitably lead to higher costs Which no matter how high it will still be suitable for most people.