How to get a Hollywood smile in Turkey?

A Hollywood smile is a cosmetic procedure aimed at obtaining a beautiful smile and harmonious white teeth. It is a thin porcelain veneer that is installed on the outer face of the teeth to give them a more beautiful appearance, and it is a permanent dental treatment.

These are known as veneers, which are usually made of porcelain, which has a white color similar to the color of natural teeth

Veneers or dental lenses are also made from different types of materials, the most common of which are veneers, porcelain, luminaire and zircon.

Lumineer is one of the best materials for making lenses or Hollywood smiles, as it is the thinnest and most solid.

How is it done

Ceramic veneers or Hollywood smile lenses are installed over several sessions, where the teeth are cut until they are ready to install the veneers and fix them, and the need for additional sessions depends on the condition of the person’s teeth, as some people need care before placing the outer veneers, such as treating broken teeth Or treat some teeth decay, so that they are all clean and equal, as the veneers can only be installed on healthy teeth.

Dental veneers or Hollywood smiles usually remain for a long time, ranging from five to ten years

It does not require additional care after it is installed, but the person should continue to brush his teeth using the toothbrush, floss and mouthwash as usual.

The porcelain veneers used in making a Hollywood smile are stain- and yellow-resistant, but this does not mean that a person neglects oral hygiene and avoids drinking tea and coffee a lot so as not to stain the teeth or change their color.

On the other hand, if you decide to get a Hollywood smile in Turkey, you must know everything about the procedure and look for a center with high-quality services and a dentist specialized in the field of cosmetics to perform this operation in order to guarantee yourself a perfect and more natural smile, and for this we advise you to choose Our New life clinic to get the best Hollywood smile in Turkey

How is the cost of getting a Hollywood smile in Turkey determined?

Cosmetic operations and procedures in Turkey in general are considered affordable compared to other countries, given the development of cosmetic medicine in its centers and hospitals, and with regard to determining the cost of a Hollywood smile in Turkey, this is done according to several factors, namely:

The kind of Hollywood smile you will have

There are two types of Hollywood smile, fixed and movable, and the difference between them lies in the thickness of the outer shell of the lenses that will be installed on the teeth. The thickness of the fixed Hollywood smile is 0.5 cm, while the thickness of the Hollywood smile is 0.2 cm.

On the other hand, the installation of a Hollywood smile does not require more than two sessions

While a fixed Hollywood smile requires more than two sessions, especially if the person’s condition requires dental treatment before installing veneers

The time and effort required

Of course, the greater the need to work on a person’s oral health and treat his dental problems before starting the procedures for obtaining a Hollywood smile, the greater the number of sessions he needs, and thus the costs of treatment increase

And do not forget that the different materials used to obtain a Hollywood smile in Turkey contribute to the difference in cost as well

The center where the operation will be performed and the doctor’s experience

Choosing the right place to get a Hollywood smile in Turkey is the most important step in this procedure, as the skilled doctor with great experience in the field of cosmetic dentistry is the most important factor in the success of this cosmetic procedure.

Therefore, it is necessary to think carefully before going to a particular center to get a Hollywood smile in Turkey. 

Of course, the development of technologies and the high quality of services in addition to the experience of the treating doctor affect the cost of a Hollywood smile in Turkey, but nonetheless, no matter how high it gets , it remains within the appropriate limits for most people.