Laser teeth whitening is a new and fast technology

A beautiful, spotless smile plays an important role in self-confidence, and therefore cosmetic dentistry occupies a prominent position in the cosmetic world as it guarantees a beautiful smile during one procedure.

Teeth whitening procedures in Turkey:

Many people resort to the teeth whitening procedure when the teeth are discolored or yellow spots appear on them so much that they cannot be eliminated by home methods.

Among the most important causes of yellowing of the teeth are eating habits such as drinking a lot of coffee and tea, smoking, and getting old.

Teeth are whitened in Turkey by using one of the following bleaching materials, which is hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, and these materials work to break these spots into small parts so that the teeth appear whiter.

How is laser teeth whitening in Turkey done?

Known as strong bleaching, it is done by placing a bleaching substance on the teeth and then shining a laser light on them to activate the bleaching, and laser bleaching takes about an hour.

At the beginning of the procedure, the patient’s gums are protected by placing a rubber piece inside the patient’s mouth. This step is followed by the application of a gel or bleaching substance, which consists of a group of natural acids at a studied level. Then the laser gel is applied and the laser works to accelerate the minerals inside the gel and convert them into Oxygen works to whiten teeth.

Laser teeth whitening instructions:

  • On the day before the procedure, the teeth must be cleaned very carefully, and avoiding the gums as much as possible so that the gums are not injured
  • You should not use dental floss to avoid injuring the gums, which causes discomfort after whitening
  • Your usual mouthwash can be used.
  • The patient must eat a meal before the procedure, as he is not allowed to eat any food a few hours after the session.
  • It is undesirable for pregnant women to undergo the laser teeth whitening procedure because the laser beams harm the pregnancy, although they are simple, and this procedure should be avoided in children and adolescents due to the incomplete growth of their oral tissues.

How did laser teeth whitening gain popularity today?

The duration of the operation is short: one session takes approximately 15 minutes, and in special cases, it can last for an hour, and the patient needs 3 sessions to obtain satisfactory results, and they may need only one session to reach an 8-shade lighter color.

The treatment does not cause any pain or discomfort to the patient.

Satisfactory results: The patient can notice the results of the operation immediately after the end of the procedure and can reach the color of the teeth lighter by 6 to 8 degrees.

The accuracy of using laser beams that help whiten one tooth only if its color changes more than other techniques.