Turkey has been at the forefront of medical tourism in the world thanks to its competitive prices and high success rates, in addition to its rich heritage as a cultural destination for

tourists. The total income for medical tourism has recently reached $100 billion (1.36 trillion TL) annually, with consumers spending an average of $10,000 per capita. It provides medical services to about 1.2 million tourists from Europe. Medical tourism services in Turkey vary from dental health and hair transplantation to thermal spas, plastic surgery, orthopedics, and treatment of reproductive and fertility problems. Medical tourism in Europe is heading toward Turkey, according to the Director-General of a health organization based in Ankara, who explained that many cities in Turkey provide medical tourism services to foreigners, especially tourist centers such as Istanbul, Antalya, and Ankara. Tourists can also choose the health services suitable for them on the website that shares information about the various services provided by health institutions in Turkey.

Factors affecting the selection of medical tourism in Turkey:

Turkey’s goal in the field of global medical tourism is to make it one of the top five preferred destinations for that and one of the The main reasons why people choose medical tourism in Turkey instead of their home countries or other countries such as America and Europe are as follows: The need for better treatment Find treatment at lower costs The desire to find a therapeutic alternative that cannot be reached in their home countries Treatment is as fast as time allows and without queues.

Top 10 medical tourism destinations in the world:

1# Turkey

2# India

3 # Thailand

4# Singapore

5# Malaysia

6# Switzerland

7# Spain

8# South Korea

9# Germany

10 # Italy

Medical tourism in Turkey

Before 2020, more than 700,000 foreign patients chose Turkey as the best destination for medical tourism and travel annually.

Over the last decade, Turkish medical services have reached a global level due to billions of projects.

Turkey has a large share in the global tourism movement, advanced infrastructure facilities and quality health services, a skilled workforce, competitive price advantages, and government support.

Add to this the geographical location as well as the good tourism management along with the favorable climatic conditions.

Turkey also has a unique natural and historical wealth All this provides a great opportunity to lead the health sector, which is gaining more and more shares in the field of medical tourism in Turkey Most patients coming to Turkey usually choose eye surgery, dentistry, orthopedics, cardiology, oncology, plastic surgery, and neurosurgery.

It is also visited by most patients from Germany, Azerbaijan, Iraq, and Libya for medical tourism and hair transplantation in particular Istanbul is the first destination for medical tourism in Turkey