Mesotherapy for hair

Mesotherapy was discovered by the French scientist and doctor Pasteur and was approved by the World Health Organization as a non-surgical treatment technique for various diseases, such as vascular and muscle diseases, in addition to cosmetic purposes such as treating hair loss problems, preserving the skin, getting rid of cellulite and reducing weight.

What is hair mesotherapy?

It is a non-surgical technique in which nutrients are injected into the scalp that restore hair and can be used for men and women with baldness or hair loss.

This technique does not require anesthesia as very fine and fine needles are injected and does not cause any major bleeding, and there is no need for a break or recovery period for the patient after undergoing the session.

What are the components of mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy consists of a mixture of nutrients, the main component of this mixture is biokanin in addition to a group of substances that activate cells and nourish the scalp with enzymes that inhibit or decrease the activity of the hormone DHT, the main cause of genetic baldness in both women and men, and the mesotherapy mixture activates the scalp cells Increasing its blood perfusion and providing it with the necessary nutrients.

What are the benefits of mesotherapy for hair and which conditions can be treated with it.

In the beginning, it is ensured that the patient is not allergic to the substances in the mesotherapy mixture by giving several injections from different areas of the scalp, and then the mesotherapy treatment is done through several sessions, and the duration of each session is about 20 minutes .

Mesotherapy accelerates the growth of hair follicles and revitalizes them if they are in the resting phase of the hair life cycle, and therefore this treatment is useful in cases of light hair loss and few voids in the scalp, and this treatment carries several benefits

  • Reducing hair loss.
  • Activate hair follicles and nourish the scalp with the necessary substances.
  • Give hair a healthy look.
  • Treating other hair and scalp skin problems such as dandruff and others.
  • Achieving hormonal balance or treating hormonal disorders that cause hair loss by using the mesotherapy technique.

What are the differences between hair mesotherapy and plasma injections:

It is possible that the general characteristics of mesotherapy and plasma are similar, but the differences between them are significant, namely:

Mesotherapy injections for hair: It consists of materials extracted from plant sources usually, and is not useful in cases of baldness and requires a greater number of sessions compared to the plasma injection technique in order to give its effectiveness to the patient, and its negative is that the possibility of infection and inflammation is greater.

Plasma injections for hair: It is extracted from the person’s own blood, and a centrifuge is used that separates the blood plasma from the red blood cells. As for its effectiveness, it works to regrow hair follicles and renew scalp cells and thus is better than mesotherapy, and it is a safer technique for the patient, as the substance is extracted from the patient’s blood.

Cases that cannot be treated with hair mesotherapy injections:

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical cosmetic technique whose results cannot be compared to hair transplantation, as the basic principle of this technique is to activate the growth of existing follicles, as they are unable to form new follicles, and therefore it is preferable in cases of baldness and aggressive hair loss to resort to to a hair transplant.

The right of mesotherapy materials can also be carried out in an unlicensed medical center or by non-specialized persons, and therefore the patient may suffer many complications and problems, and therefore it is necessary to be careful and carefully choose the medical center that has a good reputation and experience.