Methods and advantages of body sculpting in Turkey

The agility of the body and its harmonious and attractive shape is a goal for many people, especially those who suffer from asymmetric body shape, fatty masses, and flabbiness despite exercising or adhering to health regulations and losing weight. Body sculpting operations constitute the ideal solution for these people, as they suffer from the problem of local obesity, which is As the fat is deposited and concentrated in one area, it causes flabbiness resulting from weight loss.

In this article, we will present to you the techniques used in the body sculpting process.

Body sculpting in Turkey:

The process of body sculpting is general when there is a lot of sagging in the body as a result of severe weight loss or in the case of local obesity in a specific area of ​​the body.

Body sculpting is one of the best and most successful plastic surgeries in Turkey. It is a treatment in a specific area of ​​the body by reducing the percentage of fat concentrated in the area, improving its muscle mass, targeting improving the shape of the internal tissues in the way the patient desires, and ultimately reaching a healthy body with a decent appearance. The operation can be local, targeting one area, several areas, or the entire body.

Who are the people allowed to perform body sculpting operations?

No person can undergo a body sculpting operation in Turkey, but certain conditions must be met by the person wishing to operate:

Adults who are healthy and do not have any disease.

People who suffer from flabbiness resulting from excessive weight loss.

 People who have specific goals and a clear plan for their body by slimming certain areas and protruding others.

Non-smokers who follow a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition and exercise

Advantages of body sculpting in Turkey:

The center is modern and equipped with the latest modern techniques used in the body sculpting process

The center has the most skilled doctors and the best medical staff with high experience in body sculpting operations.

The center’s prices are acceptable and discounted for the services provided and compared to other centers.

Areas of the body that can be sculpted:

One of the most important bodies sculpting surgeries is the breast lift, as many women suffer from the problem of significant sagging in the area, especially after pregnancy and breastfeeding, followed by the thigh lift procedure, where the inner and outer sagging of the thighs resulting from weight loss is corrected, in addition to tightening the saggy skin in the arms resulting from Severe weight loss.

Body sculpting methods in Turkey:

There are many methods used in the body sculpting process in Turkey, and they are divided into:

Surgical methods:

These are four-dimensional laser operations, in which the laser is used to break up fat in the desired areas, sculpt it and determine the desired shape for the muscles of the body. In this type of operation, a surgical incision is made about half a centimeter in length.

Non-surgical methods:

The medical revolution and practical developments have brought new solutions in the world of cosmetics, including non-surgical methods of body sculpting, which depend to a large extent on applying temperatures in various forms to the fatty masses to melt them.