Reasons for resorting to eyebrow transplantation

There are many reasons and reasons for eyebrow beautification procedures, they can be for pathological, psychological, or aesthetic reasons, and in the end, the issue of hair loss in general greatly affects the psychological state of the person and negatively affects his appearance, and among these reasons we mention:

Congenital causes: In this case, the eyebrows do not grow at all in person, which is a congenital defect.

Pathological causes: where hair loss is caused by a specific skin disease or when suffering from an autoimmune disease and systemic diseases, but the disease must be treated initially before resorting to eyebrow transplantation.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder: Here a person with obsessive-compulsive disorder can perform harmful behaviors to the body, such as removing psychological hair from the head and eyebrow.

Accidents and burns: Exposure to a strong shock or a deep wound, or when exposed to normal burns or incendiary chemicals can lead to a lack of hair regrowth in the eyebrow area.

Other causes can be genetics or when chemotherapy for cancer patients causes complete hair loss.

How to perform the eyebrow transplant in Turkey 

The FUE technique for picking hair follicles is the best and easiest way to grow eyebrows, and the recovery period after the operation is faster and does not carry any effects or problems.

When comparing eyebrow hair transplantation with head hair transplantation, we find that it differs from it in terms of the number of extracted hairs and the diameter of the hair. When transplanting the eyebrows, it must contain a single hair of a small diameter, but when transplanting the head, it contains three or four hairs of a larger diameter.

As for the graft extraction area, the posterior (occipital) region was chosen because the hair in it is similar to the nature of the eyebrow stone.

In the beginning, it is agreed with the patient on the drawing of the eyebrows that suit the shape of his face. The process of eyebrow hair transplantation is simple and does not require general anesthesia, as local anesthesia is sufficient, and it takes place over three to four hours, during which the grafts are extracted from the head and transplanted into Eyebrows according to the agreed-upon drawing.

The operation requires extreme precision in the work and by a specialized and meticulous doctor, and in general cases, 250 hair follicles must be extracted to obtain good results.

The results of eyebrow transplantation in Turkey

Over the past years, Turkey has gained a wide reputation in the field of hair transplantation, whether for the head or eyebrows, and this procedure has a great success rate and does not carry any side effects, but the degree of satisfaction with the results can vary according to the patient’s condition and the test of a competent and skilled doctor and a reputable medical center And in the end, the location of the operation must be chosen carefully, because the process of an eyebrow transplantation is a sensitive site, and any defect in it will lead to a distortion in the shape of the face and it is difficult to avoid it in most cases.

Eyebrow restoration (Choi pens) technique

This technique is known as a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that does not require any kind of anesthesia, and this technique is used if it is not possible to perform eyebrow transplantation in pathological cases such as alopecia or scars and deep burns, and some women resort to this technique for purely cosmetic purposes to reach Beautiful eyebrow shape, and drawing is done over the eyebrow area with a gentle pigment on the skin, similar to the natural hair of the eyebrows. It is a technique with immediate results and does not need to wait for the recovery period to pass.