Rhinoplasty in Turkey, without surgery

There are many methods of rhinoplasty, some of which require surgery, and others are done without any surgery and according to simple and appropriate procedures. Non-surgical procedures are used in several cases, such as raising the tip of the nose and concealing bony prominences, in addition to reducing and narrowing the nose and modifying the nasal tilt, leading to the correction of congenital deformities in the surface of the nose and treatment The problem of narrowed airways.

In this article, you will find a brief explanation of the most famous non-surgical rhinoplasty methods, how to do them and when to resort to each method, and in the end, it is necessary to review the specialist doctor and choose the most appropriate method for each patient’s case.

Nose job with threads

It is the best way for cases of lower nose edge and rhinoplasty without surgery. Here, a special type of invisible surgical sutures is used, which are made of nylon. The threads are inserted through special metal needles that are inserted into the cartilaginous tissue of the nose, and this process takes only 20 to 60 minutes. Under local anesthesia, the threads are not removed after the operation except in special cases, and the results can be observed immediately after the operation and last for a period ranging from 5 to 7 years.

As for the recovery period, the patient can return to the daily routine immediately after the operation.

Reducing the nose with fillers

This technique is usually resorted to in cases of a drop in the bridge of the nose, or there is a rise followed by a decrease in the surface of the nose. A filler is used to fill this down, which gives the optimal shape of the nose. It is a modern technique in which filler materials or special materials are injected into the muscle responsible for raising the descending edge. For the nose, these materials consist of hyaluronic acid, bovine collagen, Botox, or even fat from the person performing the procedure himself.

It can also be injected on the sides of the nose to reduce the nostrils, but it is not used to reduce the nose volume or treat a tilted nose.

The operation takes minutes and requires one session, but its results are not permanent and the patient needs to be re-injected again a year or two after the operation.

Reducing the nose with plasma

It is the first non-surgical method that is used for cases of nose reduction, and it is known as Plasma Energy or plasma. The basic principle of these puppies is electrical energy, which is converted into heat energy that works on cell contraction, which leads to skin tightening and noise reduction, as well as stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. The two most important substances in restoring the freshness and youth of the skin.

The Plasmag technique is performed under the influence of a local anesthetic and does not require hospitalization or special care, and the results can be seen after the operation a few days later.

Nose straightening 

It is considered the latest trend in the world of rhinoplasty. It is made of small plastic pieces whose principle of action is similar to that of orthodontics, and since the nose is made of flexible cartilaginous tissue, wearing these pieces can reshape the cartilage tissue and give it the perfect appearance.

This technique is mainly based on cases of mild deformities and the braces are worn for certain periods or permanently according to what the specialist doctor decides, but it should be noted that this technique is not suitable for treating huge deformities in the bones and cartilage of the nose or significantly reducing the nose.