Rhinoplasty in Turkey, how is it done?

The small nose is considered one of the beauty marks globally, but rhinoplasty operations are not limited to achieving a harmonious nose shape, but through this process it is also possible to solve several problems, including breathing problems that result from deviation in the pace or reconstruction of the nose resulting from congenital deformity or an accident that broke the nose bone.

It is very important to have the correct choice of the cosmetic center in Turkey in which the operation will be performed with the experienced medical staff.

How is rhinoplasty performed in Turkey?

There are two ways to perform rhinoplasty in Turkey:

The traditional surgery: which is done by removing some layers of fat and working to reduce the nose, then placing a bandage that takes months to be removed.

Filler rhinoplasty technique: It is a non-surgical rhinoplasty and depends on the injection of a gel-like substance that gives the nose a specific and stable texture in terms of shape, and it consists of materials with a similar composition. As for the results, it takes several months, but it is normal for this type of procedures, 

And that is until the fillers take the necessary strength, in addition to ensuring the best results

Types of rhinoplasty in Turkey

Therapeutic rhinoplasty surgeries:

This type of operation aims to treat nasal problems that lead to difficulty breathing, snoring or sinusitis, and two types of operations fall under it.

  • Correction of deviated septum or nasal septum deviation: The deviation in one of the nostrils causes one side to swell more than the other. As for how to complete the operation, it is to place a small filling in the nose and it is removed after about twenty-four hours.
  • The other type is operations to treat deformation or deviation of the nasal cartilage, which: The problem here lies in a complete obstruction of the airway, which requires breaking the bones of the nose and repositioning them to restore the nose to its natural shape and thus the patient is able to breathe better.

Congenital or accidental rhinoplasty:

The shape of the nose that is not suitable for the face is the most common reason for performing rhinoplasty in Turkey. This procedure is used to correct the length or width of the nose, which may lead to an unpleasant appearance for the person. These problems can be solved with simple procedures such as sculpting, needles or lasers.

In the second place comes the treatment of congenital defects that a person suffers from since birth, such as the snub nose, or bunny nose, and they can be treated very easily and reach a natural nose shape through surgical rhinoplasty techniques.

It is possible for some exposure to a terrible accident to break or deform the shape of the nose, which requires undergoing rhinoplasty to restore its natural shape and breathing functions.

Rhinoplasty for adults:

There are two types of rhinoplasty in adults:

  • In women: The first and most common reason for performing rhinoplasty for women in Turkey is to adjust the size of the nose and reduce it to gain a more aesthetic and harmonious appearance.
  • In men: As for rhinoplasty for men in Turkey, it is usually with the aim of correcting certain deformities or treating apparent problems that negatively affect the person’s appearance, such as the enlargement of the nose or his breathing as a case of warp in it.

Rhinoplasty for children:

There are many cases of children at a young age or in their teenage years that require urgent surgical or cosmetic intervention, such as the presence of congenital deformities in the nose or may be after exposure to an accident, which affects the shape and function of the nose, despite the widespread belief that children under the age of eighteen cannot undergo rhinoplasty.

Choosing a doctor with long experience and high qualification plays a great importance in the success of the operation, taking into account the issue of the patient’s age, of course.

Rhinoplasty costs in Turkey:

Turkey is famous around the world for the average costs of treatment and surgical procedures in it compared to the quality of its medical services and the special care that the patient receives, including rhinoplasty in Turkey. The cost of rhinoplasty is calculated after determining the center where the rhinoplasty will be performed and then examining the patient by the specialist doctor to determine what is the appropriate treatment according to his condition.

The cost varies depending on the type of rhinoplasty, the techniques used traditionally or with fillers, in addition to the fee charged by the doctor and medical staff, with the costs of tests, examinations and x-rays, in addition to the cost of treatment and hospital stay if necessary.