Sports and physical activity after hair transplant in Turkey

The process of hair transplant needs follow-up and attention from the patient to obtain the desired results, the success of the process is not limited to the doctor’s skill and the reputation of the medical center alone, but depends largely on the patient’s interest and commitment to the instructions directed by the doctor, where the patient needs a recovery and recovery period ranging from 15 to 20 days until the effects of the operation disappear, and therefore at this stage the patient must take caution to avoid any complications or problems that could hinder the success of the operation, and the newly transferred hair follicles need three months of attention and nutrition to reach the expected results from the operation.

Return to normal activity after hair transplant in Turkey

Hair transplant doctors in Turkey advise avoiding any effort after the hair transplant operation, such as carrying heavy weights, and the patient must maintain a low pace of physical activity in the first week following the operation.

Among the instructions that are directed to the patient is to avoid standing in direct sunlight for at least ten days after undergoing the operation, and it can be more than that according to each patient’s condition. Not carrying any heavy weights or bending too much, and the patient is warned against any bruising in the implantation area.

The patient can gradually return to the usual activities after four days of the operation, according to what the doctor deems appropriate for the patient’s condition. At this stage, light activities such as walking and yoga can be practiced. After about two weeks, the patient can do moderate exercises such as light jogging. It is not recommended that it be performed before a month has passed since the operation or after the doctors have confirmed that the transplanted follicles are stable and that the wounds and scars have fully recovered.

The effect of sports on the results of hair transplantation:

Sport can affect the success of hair transplant or delay the appearance of the desired results, for two reasons:

From an immune point of view: stressful sports can lead to a lack of nutrition coming to the transplanted follicles, as the first reason for the success of the operation is to ensure that the transplanted hair follicles are founded, and this is only achieved through good nutrition that contributes to the production of blood cells responsible for accepting transplant grafts, In addition to the acclimatization of hair transplanted to the new tissue in the receiving area.

From a vital point of view: The great effort after the operation leads to a decrease in the nutrition reaching the transplanted hair follicles, which leads to the damage of these follicles, in addition to the lack of ability of the transplanted hair to grow. All this leads to a delay in the recovery period in the first place and an increase in the possibility of infections in the scalp due to a Delayed healing period of the wound