Teeth crowning in Turkey… Dental crowns

Turkey has gained wide fame in the medical sector and the field of cosmetic operations due to the quality of services, advanced technology, and low costs, and cosmetic dental crowns have occupied an important rank in Turkey because of the modern techniques and materials that give the smile a harmonious and natural appearance, which is strong and unobtrusive.

This procedure can be applied to people who suffer from tooth decay and when a large part of the tooth enamel is lost and if it is difficult to restore the tooth without a filling, and this procedure can also be used to compensate for the loss of some teeth without dental implants

What is coronation or dental crowns in Turkey?

It is an external mold that has the same shape, structure, and color as the teeth and is made of different materials such as zircon or porcelain. This procedure is used in cases of caries and to protect the tooth from falling, erosion, or staining of the teeth that cannot be treated.

The process of dental crowning is carried out in several sessions, the number of which varies according to the case of each patient in terms of the extent of tooth decay or the number of teeth desired to be treated, and this process requires local anesthesia. 

The second step is to install the covering in the right place. 

To ensure good and reliable results, careful selection of the specialist doctor and the location of the operation is necessary.

Veneers or zirconium for dental crowns in Turkey


The dental crown technique in Turkey with zircon is characterized by several features that made it the preferred technique among dentists, and zircon is a precious metal of the silicate category used in several fields, including dental cosmetics, the manufacture of crowns and jaw bridges, and it is treated with a substance called Ethereum, which is a rare metal element.

It is a material that is resistant to breakage or damage and works to activate the process of merging the gums with the coatings, which reduces the appearance of gum problems and recurrent infections. It has a white color with high transparency, which makes it the best choice for cosmetic dentistry as it is compatible with the different colors of the teeth and thus obtaining a natural appearance for a smile.


Veneers are made of porcelain and are in the form of a thin crust with bright white color and are installed on the outer face of the teeth, and this technique is used to change the size of the teeth, hide their defects or increase their whiteness, which gives the smile a beautiful appearance and within a short time.

The technique of cosmetic dental veneers is one of the best techniques because it does not require special care, and works to maintain a healthy enamel of the teeth, and the period of adaptation to the coating does not require a long period.

However, this technique is known to have a high cost in general, but in the end, the costs of installing dental veneers in Turkey are less than in other countries, and there are many centers specialized in this procedure.

Veneers are known for their high cost and being a cosmetic treatment for teeth or gums

But the costs of installing dental veneers or veneers for dental crowns in Turkey are generally less and more appropriate in addition to

Availability of specialized centers in abundance.