The most popular methods for teeth whitening in Turkey

Everyone today strives to have a perfect smile, and because healthy teeth are the basis of this smile, many people are turning to methods and techniques for teeth whitening.

That is why cosmetic teeth whitening today is one of the most common dental cosmetic procedures, and people usually resort to different teeth whitening procedures in different cases, such as changing the color of the teeth or staining them so much that it cannot be removed by home methods, which happens due to age, in addition to eating and drinking habits. Unhealthy things such as drinking a lot of coffee and tea or smoking

Teeth whitening methods in Turkey

Teeth whitening in Turkey is generally carried out using a substance that contains one of the following two compounds (hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide).

The role of these materials is to break up the stains on the teeth into smaller pieces, until they disappear, which makes the color of the teeth whiter and brighter and thus whitening the teeth in the desired way.

Laser teeth whitening is one of the most popular and widely used cosmetic teeth whitening methods in dental clinics

How is this done?

The bleaching material is applied to the teeth and then a light or laser is shined on them to activate this bleaching substance. The laser whitening takes about an hour.

The teeth whitening session takes a period ranging from a quarter of an hour to a full hour, depending on the condition of each person. At first, the doctor places a rubber piece inside the patient’s mouth to protect the gums, then a whitening gel is placed, which contains levels of natural acids that remove yellowing and stains. . Then comes the step of applying the laser gel, which converts the whitening gel into oxygen. At this stage, the enamel of the teeth is covered and the whitening gel is allowed to penetrate into the different levels of the tooth, which helps to whiten the teeth.

You should not eat for a few hours after the teeth whitening session, so eat a meal before that.

The night before the day of treatment, brush your teeth very gently, taking care to avoid the gums as much as possible, to reduce the possibility of scratches on the gum line.

Also, avoid using dental floss, because you may injure your gums, causing you to feel uncomfortable after treatment, and it’s okay to use your usual mouthwash.

What distinguishes teeth whitening in Turkey?

  • A quick procedure that takes place in 3 sessions; The duration of one session is 15 minutes, and sometimes it may reach an hour, and some people need only one hour session to get teeth lighter by about 8 degrees.
  • Laser teeth whitening does not cause any pain or discomfort, so there is no need to anesthetize the person before the procedure.
  • Laser teeth whitening can also contribute to relieving and treating the symptoms of sensitive teeth.
  • Usually the results of laser teeth whitening are immediate and appear immediately after the completion of the treatment, where the teeth become 6-8 shades lighter than the original color.
  • And the laser teeth whitening device is a precise device, so it allows to focus on whitening a specific area and not others, and that is why it can be used more easily to whiten only one tooth; This is useful when one tooth changes color more than the surrounding teeth.