Turkey has become one of the most visited countries around the world for medical tourism, thanks to the quality and success rates of doctors, the use of the latest medical equipment, and lower treatment costs compared to the United States and many European countries.

On the other hand, as Turkey is a gateway between East and West since ancient times, people in Turkey are famous for their warmth and hospitality.

Quality of medical services in Turkey

As one of the main reasons for the high quality of health services in Turkey, the Turkish Ministry of Health follows health standards directly in both public and private health services. The Turkish government also paid attention to raising the level of the health sector, as hospitals in Turkey have been enhanced with advanced technologies, modern facilities, and experienced staff to better meet the needs of local patients and tourists who prefer medical tourism in Turkey. In addition, the Turkish Accredited Hospitals Association (TAHA) and private institutions are approved by JCI thus protecting world-famous standards in Turkish hospitals.

The most famous medical tourism areas in Turkey


comes first when it comes to medical tourism in Turkey, especially for those coming from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. And Istanbul is a leading global destination and a first-class medical tourism center in Europe and Asia because of its world-class hospitals with a high level and technology, and excellent medical services at very reasonable costs, On the other hand, high-quality hotels, spas, accommodation, and ease of transportation are available, in addition, medical tourists and patients can save at least 50% when compared to other best destinations in the world. Istanbul is also one of the most important tourist destinations in Turkey thanks to its excellent location between Europe and Asia, and the fact that it contains many famous tourist areas Antalya With its white beaches, natural beauty, rich history, and modern facilities,


has earned the title of the undisputed capital of tourism in Turkey, attracting millions of visitors every year. Leisure tourism may be the biggest attraction to the Turkish city of Antalya, but there is another reason why people from all over the world are heading to the famous Mediterranean resort city, which is medical tourism in Turkey The city also has a high-quality medical infrastructure, including the best doctors and modern health facilities. Hospitals in Antalya provide treatment in all fields, including major surgeries, organ transplants, dental care, hair transplants, and plastic surgery. Bursa Bursa is also among the cities that have an important role in medical tourism in Turkey in addition to other types of tourism,


ranks first in Turkey in terms of the number of mineral and sulfur pools and highquality medical water sources. Therefore, Bursa is a tourist city all year round because of its hot springs, natural and historical beauty, and therapeutic waters that attract tourists from everywhere. 15 state hospitals have 87 hospitals among the leading provinces in health tourism in total. Ankara As the political capital of the country,


annually receives a large number of tourists. The city has great potential thanks to its strong infrastructure, and it is also one of the most important poles of medical tourism in Turkey, as it owns 55 public hospitals and 33 privatehospitals. There are hot springs that attract local and foreign tourists all year round for medical tourism.