Threads Facelift in Turkey… a new technique

With the spread of plastic surgeries in Turkey, many people today are turning to cosmetic applications far from surgical procedures. One of these techniques used today is threads.

It is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure, which people who wish to tighten certain areas of the body and make a specific correction in the shape of the body, such as a facelift and better contours, or a tummy tuck after childbirth, or even for people who suffer from partial facial paralysis.

What areas can a thread lift be performed on?

The face and cheeks can be tightened using threads, in addition to the jaw lines and the sides of the nose. The neck area, wrinkle lines, and the oval face line can also be tightened, in addition to several areas of the body such as the hips, abdomen, arms, thighs, and chest.

How is thread lift done?

At first, local anesthesia is performed for the targeted area using anesthetic cream, and then (Canwell needles) are used to place raw polypropylene threads or dermis tendons under the skin in the area above the ear, thus securing the tissues tightly, and the process extends for 45 to 60 minutes.

The results of the facelift can be observed immediately after the procedure with threads, and it takes a month to complete the results, and after the completion of the operation, it is possible to return to the normal pace of life directly.

Specifications of the threads used in skin lifting:

Named after the French Suspension Technology, the sutures used and developed in France, are made of non-polyester silicone and are multi-layered, biocompatible with the human body, and have a bending rate of 20%, so there is no risk of rupture during the period of use.

Advantages of thread lift procedure:

It is a non-surgical medical procedure that does not cause pain, and the patient can return to normal life immediately after the procedure ends.

It gives the person subject to it a youthful appearance as it activates collagen in the skin.

Who are the candidates to undergo a facelift with uni-cog needles?

It is the most suitable procedure for old people who suffer from deep wrinkles, it is also suitable for people who avoid operations that require long recovery periods, and it is best for people who have greatly lost facial elasticity and suffer from permanent and deep wrinkle lines and laxity in the skin.

It is also considered the recommended procedure for people who have thin and sensitive skin with little fatty tissue.

Thread lift is a safe procedure

Any medical procedure needs an experienced specialist to ensure the success of the operation and reach the desired results, and if this is provided, the thread tightening process is a completely safe procedure, with no side effects except for some small purple spots.

The sutures used are PDO sutures, which have proven to be effective and safe in various surgeries on the brain, heart, and abdomen.

Recovery period and return to daily life

The patient can return to routine activities immediately after the operation, but he must be careful not to form any pressure on the face. The mouth should not be opened wide or the face should be massaged for three weeks after the operation.

The patient can notice the results immediately after the completion of the procedure, but it takes several weeks to reach the real final results