What is the most appropriate time to perform a hair transplant in Turkey

There are many questions and inquiries about the subject of hair transplantation. Some may ask a question about the relationship of hair transplantation to cancer, or they can ask about the side effects of hair transplant, and perhaps the most common question is about the best time of the year to undergo hair transplantation.

Is there a so-called best timing for hair transplantation or not? In this article, you will find the definitive answer.

Which is better, a hair transplant procedure in the summer or in the winter?

In fact, there is a season or an appropriate or more appropriate time to perform any surgical procedure, including hair transplantation, but when the appropriate ingredients, conditions and capabilities are available, it is advised not to delay in performing any operation. But it should be noted that the way to deal with different weather conditions strongly affects the recovery phase, and the way to act varies according to weather conditions, for example we mention:

Hair transplantation in the summer: It is a misconception that performing hair transplantation in the summer is not good because the sun’s rays are at their peak, which is unfounded, but long, continuous and direct exposure to sunlight can negatively affect, and therefore it is recommended to wear A special hat and adherence to the exact instructions after hair transplantation that the specialist doctor will benefit you. Thus no need to deprive yourself of a beautiful holiday on the Turkish beaches under the golden sun.

Hair transplantation in the winter: There is no difference between hair transplantation in the winter or summer, contrary to what is common, but the most important thing is the extent of adherence to the instructions for the post-operative period, but it is important not to be exposed to strong winds and rain and to avoid them in the first days after hair transplant

Can the time of the hair transplant procedure affect the recovery stage?

The recovery period after the operation extends from a week to 10 days, which is a very important stage and the patient must abide by all the instructions for this stage, regardless of the timing of the operation, whether in the summer or winter, and we can enumerate these instructions according to the following:

  • Stay away from humidity and avoid swimming, Turkish bath, sauna and the like
  • Avoid strong and direct sunlight
  • Not going out and resting completely the next day of the operation
  • Emphasis on lying on the back and raising the head on a high pillow, on the day after the operation
  • Carefully following the doctor’s instructions on how to wash the hair after the procedure and take care of the transplanted area.

At the end of this article, it can be said that there is no difference in the timing of the operation, but rather the client’s circumstances play the most important role in determining the possibility of performing the operation, and that full follow-up to the instructions of the specialist will give you the desired results, and we advise when you find the conditions suitable not to hesitate to choose the best Hair transplant center in Turkey and experienced doctor.