What are the types of health insurance in Turkey

Turkey is characterized by the concept of medical tourism, where foreigners and tourists from all over the world come to receive treatment, health care, and undergo cosmetic operations, because cosmetic medicine in Turkey is the best in the world, and the development of the health and medical sector in it in addition to low prices in exchange for the quality of services provided compared to other European countries , and it is important for any tourist or visitor in Turkey to know the form of health care and types of health insurance provided in Turkey.

Health insurance in Turkey

The Turkish government provides health care to anyone who works legally in Turkey, free of charge, and for all hospitals and government institutions. Health insurance in Turkey is not limited to workers only, but also includes the poor who receive health care free of charge through the so-called green card, in addition to providing Health insurance for all children up to the age of eighteen.

Foreigners working in Turkey legally and registered in health and social insurance are entitled to treatment in government hospitals and government health centers, either free of charge or with discounts, and for any foreigner in Turkish territory to obtain a short-term residence, he must obtain valid health insurance For not less than one year, it is worth noting that there is private health insurance for foreigners in Turkey that allows them to receive treatment in high-quality private centers and hospitals.

Types of health insurance in Turkey

The Turkish government offers several types of health insurance, and the type of insurance provided to a person depends on his nationality or the nature of his work.

In this article, we mention the most important types of health insurance in Turkey:

General Health Insurance: GSS

The Turkish citizen is subject to the General Health Insurance (GSS) when he fulfills one of two conditions, the first is that he receives the salary that qualifies him to obtain insurance, or if he does not apply for a green card, and when benefiting from the insurance, 3% of the value of the minimum wage is paid, and it includes public health insurance In Turkey, both parents and children under the age of eighteen, in addition to children under the age of twenty-one who are studying in high school, and children at university under the age of twenty-five.

Social Security Insurance GSK-SSK

This type of insurance is characterized by its comprehensiveness for both health and social insurance, that is, it provides a pension and health insurance for those who reach the retirement age, or in the event of the expiry of a certain period of service, and the beneficiaries of this insurance pay a low percentage of the costs of treatment in private health institutions, in addition to Benefit from all public and private health services, and insurance premiums are paid monthly.

Bağkur Insurance

Turkey is unique around the world with the advantage of health insurance for non-working people who do not pay to the retirement fund or social security, and the beneficiaries of this insurance can pay a monthly amount back and benefit from the retirement system, and therefore, treatment services can be received free of charge and the beneficiary of the Bağkur insurance bear’s 20% of the value of the treatment And medication for the duration of the payment of premiums and retirement.