Vaser liposuction in Turkey

Vaser liposuction is considered the best procedure to get the perfect body and slim figure, and this procedure is also a type of body sculpting procedure whereby work is done to show the muscles and remove moderate obesity.

It is not a treatment for obesity and a solution to significant weight loss, as some think.

Turkey has become at the present time one of the most important medical tourism destinations in the world, and many countries compete in this field, as the cosmetic field has developed significantly, especially in the last ten years, and beauty centers are turning towards non-surgical cosmetic operations, which facilitates obtaining the desired appearance. And safely, away from the potential risks of any surgery, and this development has led to a large demand for plastic surgery in Turkey, especially among tourists who go to medical centers equipped with the latest technologies and medical devices.

The medical clinics that provide vaser liposuction are located in major tourist cities, so Istanbul comes at the top of the list, followed by the coastal cities of Mersin, Antalya, and then the capital, Ankara.

Advantages of Turkish cosmetic centers:

Using the latest advanced medical devices, and relying on the elite, experienced and skilled plastic surgeons.

  • Follow the disease prevention and infection control system.
  • Significantly lower costs of cosmetic surgery compared to other countries.
  • Vaser technology achieves effective and fast results without surgery or pain.
  • Turkish centers offer its clients many facilities in addition to a comfortable luxury experience.
  • Turkish beauty centers provide the highest levels of luxury and offer their clients many additional facilities and services.

How is vaser liposuction performed:

Before resorting to any cosmetic work, an idea must be taken to help understand the procedures that the client will be exposed to:

It is necessary to talk first about the type of anesthesia, where liposuction is performed using vaser through local anesthesia, and general anesthesia may be used if necessary, and sculpting different parts of the body and thus liposuction of a large amount of fat.

Phases of vaser liposuction

First: the stage of introducing fluids

At first, the doctor opens a small incision that does not exceed 10 mm, through which a medical probe of no more than 3 mm is inserted into the operation site, After that, a small tube is inserted through which fluids containing saline and local anesthetic are pumped into the desired place for liposuction to secure the narrowing of the blood vessels and thus prevent bleeding or bruising.

Second: The stage of fat breakdown

A tube for liposuction is inserted from the same incision that was made previously. At this stage, high-frequency ultrasound waves are emitted and these waves break down and melt the fatty tissue.

Third: Liposuction stage

Here the probe is withdrawn and the liposuction channel that has been dissolved is inserted through the same incision, and the same steps are repeated until all the fat to be removed is completed. Finally, the incision is surgically closed, and the patient waits to regain consciousness

Post-operative procedures:

  1. The patient has to take a recovery period ranging from 10 days to two weeks.
  2. The medical skin compression corset must also be worn for a period of no less than two months.
  3. Some of the fluid is left in the patient’s body, the body absorbs it within a few days, but the doctor may resort to installing a fluid infusion hose within three days after the operation.