Waist and abdomen sculpting

Recently, many cosmetic methods have appeared to reach the optimal shape of the body, as the harmonious shape has become a desire for many people, whether women who dream of a harmonious body or men who want to obtain athletic strength, all this without incurring the trouble of difficult sports or harsh diets.

Waist and abdomen sculpting coins come at the forefront of these plastic surgeries, and the methods and methods used for this procedure vary. In this article, we will mention everything you need to know about waist and abdomen sculpting.

Waist and abdomen sculpting process:

The process of sculpting the waist and abdomen aims to reach the beautiful shape of the waist and get rid of the accumulated fat in the abdomen and sides. It is a non-medical cosmetic procedure that women often undergo, but the demand for it has increased among men who want to obtain an athletic body and prominent abdominal muscles.

Waist and abdomen Laser sculpting:

Under the process of sculpting the waist and abdomen, two types of techniques fall under the first technique, which is the cold laser technique, in which devices are used on the surface of the skin, and the second technique is the four-dimensional laser technique or “vaser”, which requires a surgical incision and then inserting the laser device under the surface of the skin.

Cold laser for waist and abdomen sculpting

It is the preferred technique for the majority as it does not require a surgical procedure and relies on a device dedicated to launching laser beams that work to break up the fat located under the surface of the skin.

Among the most popular devices used are: (The cool Lipo device, Soft Lipo device, and Smart Lipo device). The only difference between these devices is the frequency of the laser beam emitted from each device, which plays an important role in determining the number of sessions.

Vaser for sculpting the abdomen

It is the latest technique in the field of sculpting the waist and abdomen, and it depends on making several small surgical incisions with a diameter of not more than half a centimeter, and then inserting a precise device into these incisions that releases laser beams, which in turn works to dissolve the fat and transform it into a liquid state, and in the end, liposuction is performed. fat through a thin tube.

This procedure does not require general anesthesia, but local anesthesia is used, and this technique only needs one session.

Candidates for waist and abdomen sculpting 

This operation targets people who want to have a consistent body, that is, people who suffer from localized fat in the waist and abdomen area. Obese people cannot use this type of operation, as their fat is stored in the entire body and not in specific places.

People who wish to undergo the operation must be in good health and not suffer from chronic diseases, and it is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women to undergo the process of sculpting the waist and abdomen.