Washing hair after hair transplant in Turkey

The issue of washing hair after hair transplantation is one of the most important things that must be taken care and carefully applied, and it may not seem that important and dangerous, but after undergoing hair transplantation, hair must be washed in a specific way and with special preparations to ensure that no problems occur and to protect the transplanted follicles from any damage and thus ease and speed of healing and obtain satisfactory results.

How is hair washed for the first time and when is it done?

The transplanted follicles are more sensitive as they have not been fully established and therefore must be dealt with by a specialist doctor. Therefore, it is better to wash the hair after the transplantation process in the center or hospital where the operation was performed in Turkey, and to ensure the protection of the scalp from harmful external factors, the hair is washed on the third day of the operation, that is, two days after the operation, in order to have a day of rest after hair transplantation.

How is washing the hair after hair transplant is done?

It is necessary to provide a detailed clarification to the patient during the first washing process so that he can do the washing personally at home later, and the steps are as follows:

  • The first and most important step is to apply the moisturizing cream to the transplanted area in good quantity so that it forms a thick white layer and leave it on the head for about an hour. The importance of this step is that the moisturizer helps to get rid of the crusts in the transplanted area, and the redness that comes as a result of blood clotting in them, the moisturizer also refreshes the scalp.
  • The next step is to wash the hair by lightly massaging the scalp until the moisturizer is gone and using lukewarm and light water, and this step is done after enough time has passed since applying the moisturizing cream
  • Finally, after the moisturizer is completely removed, the shampoo is used, emphasizing that the appropriate amount of special shampoo is placed on the hand at first, not directly on the head, and then the head is massaged, and then the shampoo is washed immediately after applying it, thus completing the hair washing steps.

Hair washing instructions after hair transplant

The patient must have a good knowledge of the procedures and steps to be followed to obtain satisfactory results from the operation and maintain the transplanted hair follicles. These steps are:

  1. The first washing is done on the third day after the operation. Later, the hair must be washed on a daily basis for a period of two to three weeks, until the scales are completely removed.
  2. Wash the hair after hair transplant with lukewarm water and lightly rub the transplanted area with the tips of the fingers without applying any pressure.
  3. Massage the scalp periodically, and this step is done five days after the operation and repeated for more than two weeks until the crusts are completely removed.
  4. Use a soft towel to dry the head after washing the hair, taking care to dry it gently without excessive pressure or rubbing.
  5. Do not try to remove the crusts by force, as it can damage the results of the operation and the transplanted follicles.
  6. After the crusts are completely removed from the transplanted area and a period of two weeks or more has passed since the hair transplant operation, you can return to your natural showering habits and use your usual shampoo.