What are the latest hair transplant techniques in Turkey?

The problem of baldness and hair loss is widespread today, as more than 50% of men over the age of fifty suffer from the problem of baldness, and 30% of the young generation suffer from early baldness and this problem is not limited to men only, Rather, many women who have reached menopause suffer from the problem of severe hair loss and thus baldness, and the causes of the problem of hair loss are multiple, where genetics plays the largest role in this area, and the genes inherited from parents control the sensitivity of hair follicles to the hormone DHT, and the causes of baldness and hair loss are also attributed to pathological factors such as anemia, or thyroid disorders, therapeutic factors such as exposure to radiotherapy or chemotherapy, pharmacological factors such as chronic use of some types of drugs, and finally psychological factors such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety and stress.

Modern science and medicine come as a solution to this problem, and many treatments and methods have appeared since 15 years to this day, the most important of which is hair transplantation, which is a final and permanent solution to the problem of baldness, which encouraged many people to undergo this procedure, specifically in Turkey, which is one of the first countries in the field of  Aesthetic medicine and medical tourism.

What makes Turkey a first medical destination?

  • The costs of hair transplant operations in Turkey are low when compared with other countries.
  • High-quality medical services that are provided by hair transplant centers that are widely spread in Turkey and licensed by the Turkish Ministry of Health.
  • Modern medical equipment and the presence of an experienced, highly qualified medical staff.
  • Turkey is characterized by the subject of medical tourism, which gives the patient coming for treatment an opportunity to tourism and enjoy the picturesque areas in Turkey.

Hair transplant methods in Turkey

There are many methods and techniques of hair transplant, and this type of cosmetic surgery is characterized by a high success rate and problems and side effects that are almost negligible, and among the latest and most widespread methods of hair transplantation in Turkey are:

FUE hair transplant

It is the most common method in hair transplant centers in Turkey, and it is the oldest applied method, and the reason for its wide spread is due to the ease of application, ensuring the success of the operation and obtaining the expected results in addition to the mild side effects and an easy and short recovery period

Hair transplantation is carried out in three stages:

  •  At first, local anesthesia is used and then the location of the hair follicles is selected, usually the posterior or temporal regions of the head are selected, then the extraction process begins from the donor area after the haircut.
  • The stage of opening the channels in the balding area, and here it is important to be careful about the places of opening and distributing them in accordance with the natural distribution of the hair, which ensures a natural appearance of the hair.
  • Finally, the extracted follicles are implanted into the previously opened channels.

Hair transplantation using Choi pens

This technique is characterized by good results and the absence of the need to open the channels using small wounds as in the rest of the techniques in addition to the very few side effects, and it is a modern technique that relies on the use of Choi pens that work to drop the follicles that must be implanted directly into the scalp, and it is the preferred technique for women as It does not require head shaving.

Hair transplantation with the Sapphire technique

This technique enjoys the accuracy of the channel opening stage and a completely natural result compared to the rest of the techniques, and channel opening pens made of sapphire stone, which are characterized by a pointed and precise tip.