What is a lip filler and what are its advantages?

Facial plastic surgery has become a common thing among women and is one of the most requested procedures, including lip injections and augmentation. In this article, we present to you everything that matters to know about lip filler injections, their techniques, and what are the risks associated with them:

It is a process in which the lips are injected with filler, which fills the spaces between the cells of the lips to give them a fuller, more fresh, and more youthful appearance. The process of lip augmentation with numerical fillers has the following advantages:

Get full lips

It is the first reason why women undergo this procedure, as it gives the lips a beautiful and fresh appearance, which is also reflected in the shape of the face.

Hide the signs of aging and signs of aging:

Filler works to hide wrinkles and signs of aging from lines around the mouth

Minimal side effects

The technique of lip injection with filler does not cause any sensitivity or problems remembering the skin and is considered to have fewer side effects than other cosmetic operations, but in all cases, and before undergoing any cosmetic procedure, a specialist doctor should be consulted.

How is the lip filler done?

The process of lip injection with filler is quick and can be done directly in the doctor’s office. The filler is injected with very fine needles. Local anesthesia is used before starting the injection to relieve pain. Ice can also be used on the lips to numb the area and reduce the appearance of bruises and swelling. It is advised not to put any A lip product immediately after the procedure.

When will the final results of the lip fillers appear?

The results of lip injections with filler appear immediately after the operation, but you must wait until the swelling is gone for the results to appear completely clear, and in general, the results take about 4 weeks to fully appear, until the filler stabilizes and the results last about 6 months.

Types of lip fillers

The types of fillers differ according to the injection material, which is related to the chemical composition, the length of time they remain in the lips, and their ability to give the appearance of fullness:

Collagen Filler

It is the most used type in injections, due to the remarkable results obtained in terms of beautiful shape and freshness, and collagen works to moisturize the skin and lips, but this substance is defective in the short duration of the effect and the injection and renewal must be continued constantly.

Hyaluronic acid filler

It is a natural acid that moisturizes the skin by retaining water and gives the skin the required softness, freshness, and vitality.

Autologous fat injection filler

This technique accompanies other cosmetic operations in which body fat has been extracted and is used in the process of lip filler injection, which helps to take the large and beautiful shape of very small lips.

Lip filler shapes

The shapes given by the filler vary according to the person’s desire, and the final shape is controlled by determining the areas that will be injected:

The perfect shape that fills in full lips

The circular shape in which the lips are injected from the middle only

Heart shape which is medium size for lips

Arc shape that gives lips a longer look

Russian lips shape

Fuller top shape where the upper lip is larger than the lower