The term medical tourism appeared in the last two decades in the world due to the necessities of a modern lifestyle.

Medical tourism means that a person wishing to undergo any medical procedure travels to another country in order to obtain the necessary medical care.

The term medical tourism comes from the fact that the traveling patients benefit from their visit to visit and see the sights, take day trips or participate in any other traditional tourist activities in the country

Medical tourism in Turkey depends on providing unique medical procedures in a professional and excellent manner and distinguished tourism services with medium financial costs compared to other countries.

Also, the geographical location and location of Turkey, the nature of the registered administrations, the environment, the way in which 1.5 billion people on 3 unique plots and 4 hours flying distance make it a shining star of health tourism in the world.

The most common procedures that people undergo on medical tourism trips in Turkey include dental care, general and cosmetic surgery, fertility treatments, organ and tissue transplantation, and cancer treatment.

What drives many to choose medical tourism in Turkey?

The most important reason that drives many people from different countries of the world to travel to Turkey to obtain medical tourism services is the relatively low cost of treatment compared to other countries such as Europe and America, as well as the availability of cheap flights, increased marketing, and the provision of all information about medical services in Turkey to consumers via the Internet.

The most important pros of medical tourism in Turkey

Turkey is one of the world leaders in medical tourism, and an increasing number of foreign patients come to its cities to treat various diseases.

The Turkish government is working seriously to make medical tourism with health services that provide luxury and treatment at the same time Where it wants to get two million patients from different countries in 2023 and bring in more than 20 billion dollars through it.

In the past year, the numbers approached this limit, as more than a million foreign patients visited Turkish clinics during the previous year in order to obtain various types of medical tourism in Turkey in Turkish cities, especially Istanbul On the other hand, what makes medical tourism in Turkey more preferable is the average and appropriate costs of health services Also, the cost of analytical evaluation and treatment in Turkey is much lower than in the United States or Western Europe, yet the services provided are of a similarly high standard.

As the Turkish government worked to attract clinical travelers at moderate costs, it eliminated the value-added tax for foreign patients undergoing treatment in emergency clinics confirmed by the Turkish Ministry of Health.

Whereas, most countries with the latest treatments charge costs that are often very high.

In summary, we mention the most important reasons for choosing Turkish hospitals in order

to obtain treatment:

International quality services

Lower prices

Number of accredited health institutions

short standby time



Rich cultural heritage