What is plasma and how is plasma injection used to treat hair loss?

There are a variety of cosmetic solutions that help solve the problem of hair loss, and most of them are expensive and therefore not affordable for everyone. Plasma and platelet injection technology come as an alternative and inexpensive medical cosmetic solution, giving hope to people who suffer from hair loss by getting rid of it.

What is plasma and how is it obtained?

Plasma is a transparent yellowish protein liquid, within which the components of the blood flow, including red and white blood cells and platelets, work to transport food and body metabolism products to different cells.

Contains platelets, within which there are many factors stimulating cell growth and division such as glycogen, lysosomes, and alpha granules, and these granules specifically carry blood clotting factors and growth factors that are secreted at the end of the healing or repair process in organs or tissues or the so-called wound healing process.

Plasma is used in many medical fields such as orthopedic, heart, oral, or neurosurgery treatments, and it has recently been used in the field of aesthetic medicine, including the treatment of hair loss.

It is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure, in which plasma is injected into the scalp, which in turn regenerates cells and stimulates the production of collagen and protein, which gives the skin a vital look and gives the scalp strength and health. 

Plasma also inhibits the hormone that causes hair loss and can nourish hair well and germinate new hair.

How is plasma used to treat hair loss?

The main objective of this technique is to stimulate the platelets of inactive hair follicles, or it is also possible to stimulate the newly transplanted follicles to stimulate hair growth.

Plasma injection for hair is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure, that does not require more than a few minutes, is simple, safe, and does not require anesthesia, in which a quantity of the patient’s blood is taken and placed in a tube, then the plasma is extracted from the blood through a blood treatment using special medical devices The fluid is saturated with platelets, which gives excellent results, then the fluid is injected into the scalp with a fine needle, after applying a local anesthetic at the injection site, then the patient’s hair is washed and he leaves the hospital or center immediately after the procedure.

Plasma stimulates stem cells to divide, regenerate damaged cells, and secrete collagen from the body.

As for the number of sessions needed, it varies from person to person and ranges from four to six sessions according to the patient’s need, and the interval between these sessions varies according to the opinion of the treating physician.

Pros and advantages of treatment with plasma injection technology for hair:

A simple, safe, reliable, non-invasive treatment procedure.

It is characterized by speed as multiple injections are applied within an hour as a maximum, and the recovery period is very fast

Its results are great, almost perfect, and give a natural look to new hair.

Cases that benefit most from plasma injections for hair:

Strengthen hair and increase its density for cases of hair weakness and brittleness.

Some types of androgenetic alopecia cannot be treated with other techniques and some problems of alopecia.

Treat any scars or traces that prevent hair growth on the scalp.

Treating scalp skin diseases.

Treating damaged hair as a result of applying cosmetics that contain large amounts of harmful chemicals.